Top 3 Hotels In Italy

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Italy is the most visited country in the entire world and rightly so. The inflow of tourists into the country is never ending. A trip to Italy is usually very expensive because of which people are advised to visit Italy during the season in which the flow of tourists is minimal. If you are going to Italy then you should make your accommodation arrangements in advance as well so that you get cheaper housing rates. You can even search the internet for cheap accommodation facilities in Italy. If money is not an issue for you then for your convenience here is a list of the top 3 luxurious hotels in Italy.


The city of Cortino is famous for skiing activities. Along with this the city has amazing restaurants, bars and designer shops to keep you entertained. When you are visiting this city ensure that you stay in Hotel Cristallo which is a five star hotel situated in Cortino. Hotel Cristallo provides excellent services. It has a restaurant that provides a wonderful view of the Ampezzo Valley, a grand Jacuzzi and a well-maintained indoor pool. The wine bar (Monkey Club) in Cristallo offers an amazing experience because of the comedy shows, jazz and music performances. The rooms in this hotel are luxurious and well designed.

The next hotel in the list is a five star hotel- Hotel Cipriani situated in the romantic city of Venice. The facilities offered by this hotel are top-notch. Cipriani is home to three excellent restaurants that provide delicious cuisines to the guests. The hotel consists of a heated indoor swimming pool which is Olympic size and private tennis courts made out of red clay. Guests can even hire a personal boat to witness the beauty of the lagoon. The rooms of this hotel come with exceptional views.

The last of the top 3 hotels in Italy is situated in the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (Milan) and the name of the hotel is Town House 8. The rooms in this hotel have elegant features and offer modern facilities. If you stay at this hotel you can witness Milan and its fashion at its best.

5 Top Attractions In Italy

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When you visit a place like Italy which is the hub of rich culture and history, it becomes next to impossible to narrow down the list of places that you must stop by during your visit to Italy. There are so many wonderful museums, theatres, monuments, historic buildings etc that picking out a few becomes a very confusing task. The sights in Italy are truly amazing and enchanting. Along with this Italy is also well-known for its cuisines, luxury motorcycle and sports car. It also features gorgeous alpine lakes, coasts and mountains.

Grand Canal in Venice as dusk falls

In order to make your task of picking out the best sights in Italy easy this article will list down the top 5 attractions in Italy. These are:

    • Colosseum (Rome): Your Italy vacations are incomplete if you do not visit this elliptical amphitheatre which is the proof of the cruelty as well as the grandeur of the empire of Rome. Emperor Titus (AD80) had built the Colosseum for gladiatorial battles and games. It is perhaps the ideal example of the Roman engineering and Roman architecture.
    • Pompeii: This ancient town in Italy was covered by soil and ash in AD79 because of the eruption of the volcano Vesuvius. Pompeii is located near Naples. This ruined town was rediscovered accidentally by UNESCO in the year 1748. A visit to this town will give you an idea of how people used to live so many years ago.
    • Vatican City: Being the hub of Catholicism, this city is full of artwork and history. It is situated in Rome and is a landlocked sovereign papal city-sate. You should visit St. Peter’s Piazza, St. Peter’s Basilica, The Vatican Museum etc located in this city.
    • The Leaning Tower of Pisa: Remember when you look at this tower it is not an illusion but it is very much real. Due to poor foundations the tower had sunk into the ground and it keeps sinking each year. This masterpiece is surely worth visiting.
    • The Grand Canal (Venice): To witness the beauty of the Italian architecture and to have a romantic ride in the gondolas, a visit to the Grand Canal is a must.

How To Make Your Travel To Italy Memorable

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Italy is the preferred holiday destination of the travel lovers nowadays because it offers an enjoyable and brilliant holiday experience to the tourists. This country gives you an opportunity to witness ancient history, rich culture and scenic beauty at its best. You can visit Italy in the months of April or June especially because the weather is quite suitable for a trip during these months.

Traveling to Italy can turn out to be very costly for you and then the visit might just become your worst nightmare. Thus to avoid this and to make your trip memorable you must take advantage of the vacation packages that are available nowadays. There are a number of different vacation packages accessible and you can pick out the one that suits your budget.


Decide whether you want to spend your vacation in only one of the cities in Italy or you want to visit more than one city during your trip. You should make it a point to visit Venice, Florence and Rome- Holy Trinity is what these three cities are known as popularly. You must also visit the small towns and enjoy the countryside areas in Italy. Along with this the holy places in Italy are very famous for their architecture. So you should stop by them as well. However remember to be dressed appropriately before entering any of the holy places.

Ensure that you try out the original delicacies of Italy such as pasta and pizza. If you are fond of wine then you can try out the different wine flavors that the Italians have discovered and cherished. In case you are a music lover then Italy is going to be a paradise for you. There are many opera houses, theatres etc in Italy where you will be able witness some of the grand musical performances.

Italy has been the home to some of the most popular sculptors and artists. Thus the architecture here has such finesse that you will be mesmerized on observing it. Shopping in Italy is also a fun experience and you can buy souvenirs such as artifacts, alabaster goods, mosaic etc to always remember your visit to this unique and beautiful destination.

What You Should Know About Traveling Italy

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It is very essential that whenever you visit a new country or town, you try to find out certain things about that particular country or town. This information about the place will help you enjoy your vacation to the fullest. You will also have an unforgettable holiday experience if you are well prepared and acquainted with the place that you are visiting. In case you have planned a trip to Italy then it is advised that you should get the details regarding the things to consider while traveling Italy. For example, you should know that the lifestyle in Italy is quite different to your lifestyle. So accordingly you should prepare yourself to embrace the Italian lifestyle for a few days.


Here are a few things that you must know about Italy before actually visiting it. The climatic conditions in Italy keep fluctuating all through the year. In the month of November, there is rainfall in Italy. While January is the coldest month and July is the hottest month in Italy. During the other months, the weather is pleasant. The language that is popular in Italy is of course Italian. However, there are some locals who do speak in English or French as well. But it is wise to carry a translation dictionary with you to avoid any confusion.

The currency of Italy is Euro. You will need to carry a lot of cash with you because all your work in Italy will get accomplished only when you pay in cash. Your Visa card is not going to be helpful in your visit to this country. Another thing that might surprise you in Italy is the Italian food. You would expect the usual pizza, pasta etc that you eat in your country. But in Italy every region and city has its special cuisine. The pasta or pizza that you will get to eat here is quite different and healthy.

The adapters to charge your mobile phones, cameras, iPods etc have to be bought from the shops in Italy itself because power voltage here is different. The trains are the best means of transportation in Italy. However they have a habit of running late.

Family Friendly Things to Do in Rome

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Rome is the capital city of Italy. The main attractions in Rome are the Colosseum, basilicas, museums, gardens, parks, and palaces. Many people come to Rome to see the ancient buildings such as Colosseum and basilicas. You can get a feel about the Roman culture in this way. Rome has been referred to as “the Eternal City”, because ancient poets and Roman writers believe that Rome will continue to exist forever, not matter how many kingdoms in the world come and go. Now I introduce to you some sights in Rome, so you will know where to go when you travel to Rome with your family.

1. Colosseum

Colosseum is the largest Amphitheatre in the world. Am Amphitheatre is a huge public entertainment center used in ancient times. The seating capacity of Colosseum is 45,000 spectators. The ancient Romans gathered in the Colosseum to watch bloody combats between gladiators and wild animals. Many competitors died in such battles. However, the spectators liked to see humans being killed by lions. Of course such bloody combats never exist today, but you can have a visit to Colosseum to relive the ancient Roman history in your mind.


2. St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica is located in Vatican City in Rome.  It’s regarded as one of the holiest Catholic churches. And it’s the world’s largest church. Saint Peter is one of the twelve apostles of Jesus. According to Christian tradition and historical evidence, Saint Peter’s tomb is directly under the basilica. The most significant part of the building is the dome. It’s a masterpiece designed by Michelangelo. I advise you to walk in the basilica and see it from within.

3. Roman Forum

Roman Forum is a rectangular plaza. It’s the central area of ancient Rome where business, prostitution, administration, and religious activities took place. Roman Forum was designed by the architect Vitruvius. For centuries, it has been the most important public building in Rome. The Roman Forum you see today is surrounded by the ruins of several ancient government buildings. The main sights of Roman Forum include the Arch of Titus, the Temple of Saturn, the Temple of Vista, and the San Luca e Martina church.

4. Vatican Museums

The Vatican complex consists of many museums, such as the Gregorian Egyptian Museum, the Vatican Pinacoteca, Ethnological Missionary Museum, Collection of Modern Religious Art, etc. The exhibitions in Vatican museums are mostly historical and religious. The museums stage exhibitions regularly. Some of the names are the Sacred Images, the Way of the Sea, Rituals of Life, Astronomy and Instruments, and Saint Paul in the Vatican.  You have to focus on the gorgeous collections when you visit the museums.


Things to Do in Rome